Woman Wins $700,000 using Her Late Mother’s Lottery Numbers


An Australian woman walked away with a lottery jackpot of more than $700,000. She was able to win the prize upon using the lottery numbers her late mother had used. The woman, based in Seaford Rise, Australia, had bought the ticket online for the Monday and Wednesday X Lotto draw that was scheduled for September 30th. She told the Lott officials that the numbers she had used were the same ones that her mother had played with before her death.

Thanks to the numbers she inherited, the woman won the top prize worth $718,700. The winner said that the numbers had been chosen by her mother and she had begun using them when she passed away. She said that she felt as if her mother had delivered the win to her. She also disclosed that she had had a tough couple of months, so the windfall would undoubtedly be a big help to her.

She said that as soon as they found out about the win, her partner decided to retire. She said it felt amazing to win and she was also going to use the money to help her father because he had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The woman said that she would love to go on a holiday once they receive the money, as it would help them relax.

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