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The Online Lottery Platforms

When you say lottery platforms, you could be referring to one of the two things: the website that lets you take part in lottery or the platform used by that website to run the lottery. In its strictest sense, lottery platforms are softwares that power the lottery industry on the internet. The ticket purchasing, the games offered, the automated notifications to customers, the interface where results can be seen, payment acceptance, marketing tracking etc. are all being done with the help of a very sophisticated software termed by the industry as lottery platform or online lottery platform.

  • Various Lottery Platforms

The website on which you buy your lottery tickets, manage your online account and see the lottery tickets might or might not have its own lottery platform. However, there are companies with professional teams of developers who create these online lottery platforms. Some of the most popular online lottery providers are PlayTech, Kootac, LottoYard, Lottonetix, Kibo, Novomatic etc. As mentioned above, lottery websites and lottery platform providers might or might not be the same thing. Almost all the names mentioned above are of companies that make platforms for lottery but do not offer online lottery per se.

  • Lottery Platform Defines Your Brand

It is extremely important for an online lottery website to pick the right platform for its consumers. The platform a lottery website picks for its service is the soul and blood of its brand. All these platforms offer the same service but they have different approaches. One platform might have one or two great features that are missing from another platform. The more user-friendly and user-retaining a platform is the better brand image it portrays. Some important features that platforms must have include availability on desktop and mobile devices, access of multiple lotteries, syndicate play, automatic notifications, friendly user-interface, security of payments etc.

Money $$$


How Much Can Lottery Websites Earn

How much a lottery website earns depends on its own marketing potential. Large popular brands such as TheLotter sell thousand of tickets online every-day, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars of income on a daily basis. The better you market your business the more players you get. However, with a ready-made platform available at hand, you can jump-start your business without worrying about putting thousands to millions of dollars in creating a platform to provide lottery services online. With a lottery platform you just start providing the service and reaping benefits as all legal paperwork, website template integration, back office management, content management, payment method integration etc. All you pay is for using the platform whereas you make money from as many customers as you make.

The Self-Relying Lottery Websites

For sure there are players in the lottery industry that only rely on their strengths. TheLotter and LottoSend are two of those self-reliant online lottery websites. These websites provide online lottery service through their own platforms. They exercise more freedom than other website with third party platforms. The best thing about these two and many others like them is that they can offer their players lotteries from around the world. Some of the best ones offer up to 50 lotteries – the list comprises of the best lotteries from the region. Furthermore, they don’t take a dime out players’ winning money – they charge for their services right from the ticket price.

Online Lottery Winners

Throughout the years the online lottery industry has brought forth many jackpot prize winners from around the world, many lottery players have bought their tickets online and won huge jackpot prizes worth billions of dollars all put together. Many online lottery players will not win any big prizes at all but still enjoy playing global lottery games online. As it is known around the world, you have to be in it to win it, so why wait in line when you can buy any ticket in the world online.



Kibo Lotto – A Revolutionary Entry

A revolutionary entry in the lottery industry is Kibo Lotto. Kibo Lotto is a platform based on blockchain and ethereum technology. The main takeaway of this technology is that it provides a decentralized platform for lotto players using the blockchain technology i.e. a technology that stores information in the form of blocks. Once a block is stored, it can never be changed, hence players are guaranteed fair play when they become part of a lottery. Ethereum is a revolutionary computing platform making the use of ether, a cryptocurrency, possible between peers. Using these two technologies, Kibo Lotto is to change how lottery has been working in the world.

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses can now pitch to their customers Kibo Lotto if they wish to start a lottery business. They can offer the transparency and fairness with Kibo Lotto platform that has never been offered in the lottery industry to this day. By removing thousands of dollars of expenses from the middle, they can offer lotto through the most future-proof and safe platform of the world.

You can learn more about Kibo lotto here.



The Big Giants of the Lottery Industry

According to the most reliable online reviews on lottery websites, LottoAgent, TheLotter and WinTrillions are amongst the best lottery websites of the industry today. Lotto Agent is known for its “buy one and get one ticket free” promotion whereas The Lotter has a money back guaranty. They are also among the most positively reviewed websites. The average time a visitor stays on The Lotter website is 2 minutes and 46 seconds while the time is 1 minute and 15 seconds for WinTrillions. LottoAgent does the best when it comes the bounce rate, which it has at just 40.78%. The major part of traffic for LottoAgent, TheLotter and WinTrillions comes from Romania, France and Czech Republic respectively.

All these websites get major part of their traffic directly on the website with WinTrillions making the most of referral traffic at 29.20%. TheLotter performs great with not only referrals but in its organic searches too. TheLotter is unique in that it gets 28.78% of its traffic through display ads whereas this is nearly non-existent for the other two websites. The most amazing thing about these websites is that they are benefitting hugely from social media marketing.


TheLotter offers the largest number of lotteries from the list. Here are the names:

SuperEnalotto, SuperStar, SuperLotto Plus, Powerball, Lotto – Swiss, Mega Millions – US, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker – UK, EuroMillions – Spain, EuroMillions and My Million Raffle – France, EuroMillios – Austria, Lotto 649, Lotto – Ireland, El Gordo, Powerball Lotto, Lotto – Florida, Cash4Life, Lotto – UK, Viking Lotto, Lotto – Poland, South Africa- Powerball, Otoslotto, Super Loto, Dupla Sena, Megalot, Gosloto 6/45, Lotto – South Africa, Thunderball, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Mega-Sena, BonoLoto, Lotto – Austria, Lucky Money, Megabucks, Ontario 49, Baloto, Hatoslotto, Loto – France, Pick 6 Xtra, Lotto 6/49, Lotto – Finland, Saturday Lotto, La Primitiva, Lotto – Germany, Quina, Oz Lotto, Lotto – New York, Powerball – NZ

Win Trillions

WinTrillions, one of the most famous online lottery websites, has 22 lotteries to offer.

SuperEnalotto – Italy, California Superlotto, Powerball – US, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions – US, EuroMillions – Euro, EuroMillions – UK, Lotto 6/49, Irish Lotto, El Gordo, Thunderball, Mega-Sena, French Loto, Hoosier Loto, La Primitiva, Hot Lotto, Lotto – Germany, OZ Lotto, New York Lotto, Lotto – Florida, UK Lotto, Powerball – Australia


LottoAgent is just behind is just behind WinTrillions With 19 lotteries:

SuperEnalotto, SuperStar, SuperLotto Plus, Powerball, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Lotto 6/49, El Gordo de la Primitiva, Powerball Australia, UK Lotto, Lotto Texas, New York Lotto, Mega Sena, BonoLoto, Lotto 6 aus 49, New Jersey Pick-6, France Loto, La Primitiva

Full list of popular online lottery ticket provider websites and lottery betting services:
TheLottericeLottoLottoLuckerLottoKings, Jackpot.comLottoBookerLottoSend,
LotteryClubJinniLottoLottoDay, PlayLotteryCongaLotto, Interlotto,
LottoAgent, PlayHugeLottosWinTrillions, LottoLand, LottoStar, LottoPoint

It was only in the last decade that online lottery websites started becoming popular. The major credit goes to mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets that have brought the whole World Wide Web on the palms of people. Today, it has become mandatory for online websites to make their platforms available on these major mobile platforms.

White Labels, Affiliates and Marketers


Online Lottery White Labels

An important concept in the lottery industry is the online lottery white label. A lottery white label is when a company creates the lottery platform and allows other lottery websites to resell its platform and features within as their own. Now, when the company marketing the product sells the product to other customers, it appears as if the product was created and developed by the marketer i.e. the original inventor/creator of the platform remains hidden. This creates an easy yet lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

The aspiring entrepreneur can get in touch with the lottery platform provider through their given contacts and agree to their terms, conditions and payment options. How much you earn through this method of business depends on you. The platform’s popularity sure plays a role in getting you loyal players but it’s your own marketing strategy that decides how much you make. Just like the biggest giants of the industry mentioned above, you can make great impact through social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter have been active role playing social networking platforms for the best lottery websites.

Now, for a white label service to be sold further, you need to find the right partners. You will have to look for more entrepreneurs who are interested in starting business. You can benefit from display advertising just like TheLotter. Organic searches have been very lucrative for lottery websites too. If you look at the online statistics of referrals and backlinks for lottery websites, you will notice that they can be helpful to each other too. When pitching your platform, which actually belongs to the original developer, you must know the best features that set your platform apart from other available lottery platforms.

You will need your own website in order to appear as a professional platform provider. Most platform developing websites provide you a professional template to set your website up. They also have search engine optimization included in the package. The main expense you have is only the marketing – if you choose paid marketing. Google AdWords can be the best way to appear in Google search results while paying Google for every click on your add. For a small fee you could also benefit from Facebook’s most admired target marketing. This type of marketing allows you to target people based on their ages, interests, locations, genders etc.

Guide For Lottery Affiliates

The big difference between lottery affiliates and lottery white labels is that the affiliate promotes the product of the company like a marketer i.e. the name of the original product developer is used. The audience knows that the marketer (affiliate) is promoting someone else’s product. Almost all lottery websites have their affiliate programs but the most admired and profitable affiliate programs come from TheLotter, LottoElite and LottaRewards. The best thing about TheLotter affiliate program is that you can make your selection from cost per acquisition, revenue sharing or a hybrid payment plan. Depending on the plan you choose, your earning potential has no cap i.e. the more people you grab, the more money you make. A good example of a successful online lottery affiliate website is our own OnlineLotteryShop.

The Potential For Online Marketers

Whenever an industry is going through a boom period, online marketers can play the most important role. The lottery industry has been growing fast in the past few years and this opens new doors for online marketers to not only make themselves some good money but also help the industry make the most of its boom. Whether you are someone associated with an online marketing firm or an individual looking for marketing opportunities through some freelancing platform, there is a lucrative industry waiting for you to make the most of it today.

How You Can Market


It would be best if you look at the methods that have been working for lottery websites the most to get an idea of what type of marketing will be best. According to the statistics of the most popular lottery websites such as WinTrillions and TheLotter, it is clear that organic, social media and referral marketing have great potential for this industry. TheLotter receives over 21% of its traffic through referrals, nearly 11% through search engines, over 1% through social media marketing, nearly 6% through email marketing and 29% through display advertising.

If you provide a combination of online lottery marketing solutions, this is the best opportunity for you to make big money. Nearly 2% of the referral traffic on TheLotter comes from its affiliate programs. These statistics can be shown to the owners of the starting lottery websites as a great convincing point as to why they need effective online marketing for their brands. Out of 100% traffic coming through searches, only 0.35% of the traffic on TheLotter is from paid searches – rest comes through organic searches.

This is a great opportunity for SEO, social media, email and display marketing companies to earn big from the lottery industry. When you outline your strategy, it will also be helpful to know which type of payment plan you would like to work with – if you are going for affiliate marketing too. Stay active on social media to share news about the lottery jackpots. Create videos on YouTube to explain how different lotteries work. Talk about technologies like Kibo on technology blogs and forums to spread the word about future of the lottery industry. Create visually convincing ads to make the most of targeted advertising on Facebook.

Affiliate marketing programs from lottery websites have great potential for freelance marketers sitting at home too. Through revenue sharing programs they can create a stream of income with no cap on how much they will earn. Keep in mind that the time when a lottery’s jackpot is reaching close to its previous high is the best time to get people involved in lottery. These are the hot days with the buzz that can help you convince people to sign up for the services you are trying to promote.

Legal Aspects Of Online Lottery

When you take part in any kind of gambling, it is important to know the laws and regulations surrounding it. Gambling is not “always” legal or illegal. The laws pertaining to other forms of gambling and lottery vary from country to country. In the United States, these laws vary from state to state. It has to be kept in mind that lottery is considered a type of gambling, but since there are different types of gambling, not all laws that apply on lottery will apply to other forms of gambling. 44 states of the US allow lottery and a total of 47 jurisdictions run lotteries.

Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah are the states where lottery is not the allowable type of gambling. A question that you might have in mind is if your country bans online lottery since the term “online” is sometimes treated differently. You should rest assured here that most countries in the world allow lotteries in any form. Even better, most of these countries have their own national lotteries where the governments take care of the whole setup of the lottery, which means it can’t be illegal in any way for the people.

Australia has its national lottery, regional organization run the lottery setup in Canada, Germany’s government has their own lottery setup, Israel allows lotteries even though it considers almost all other types of gambling illegal, UK has state franchised lotteries etc. It is fortunate that countries where governments run their own lotteries, they also provide a good level of protection for lottery players through proper auditing and monitoring of the system. In the US it’s the states that are responsible to provide protection to lottery ticket buyers.

Countries where there is national lottery in place, it is safest to be a part of it. This is because these countries always have a regulatory body to make sure all the lottery transactions and other forms of gambling are done only in the fairest means possible. For example, in the UK you have National Lottery Commission to ensure the safety of your lottery play. First, this commission makes sure that the lottery providers of the national lottery are in compliance with the standards and rules laid down by the commission. Furthermore, it also issues licenses to eligible lottery websites and works to protect consumer interests.

Of course, there are fraud websites too that are not regulated by any authorities. When you go on a lottery website, make sure it is protected through encryption. You can check that with the help of padlock icon on your address bar or the web URL starting with HTTPS and not HTTP. Secondly, any authentic lottery website will not take any money from your winnings – they charge for their services in your ticket price. Whenever you are on any gambling website, make sure they have it declared on their website as to which regulatory body they have been licensed by.

Lottery Betting


Humans are always looking for ways to make more money and become rich, so there’s lottery betting. In lottery betting, you don’t really buy the ticket to any lottery but you bet on the numbers you think will appear in the results. If the numbers you have betted on appear in the results, you win prizes. These prizes are mostly in the form of cash. Now, since it is betting and not lottery, the regulations for it can be a bit different. For that you have to look at the gambling laws of the country where the website operates. If in UK, your betting website should be licensed by UK Gambling Commission and audited by a well-known authority as well.

Lottery betting websites market quite similarly to lottery websites. They often have referral programs out of which the affiliate programs are the most lucrative ones. The layout of these websites is quite similar to the lottery websites. Just like lottery websites have lotteries, these websites have lottery betting available on those lotteries. You can select the lottery type you want and bet on it. Similar to lotteries, there is syndicate betting available on these websites too. Due to the concept being new online, these websites will often explain what lotto betting is all about.

The big difference is that you bet on the lotteries, therefore, you are not required to buy any tickets. They would often have instant win games and scratch cards too. They often have their Android and iOS apps for on the go betting.

Number 1 Worldwide Industry


Lotto Industry On The Rise?

It is amazing how lottery is not a new concept and instead has been around since 187BC. You would be surprised to know that big projects by the rulers of those times were completed using these methods. The best example in front of you is the Great Wall of China. 15 century is considered to be the first century when lotteries were played using tickets. Once again, the concept of lottery at that time was to do stuff like making the cities stronger by strengthening the defensive towers and forts. In some cases, the money was given to the poor people to help them with their lives.

In the most developed countries of the world the governments have taken lotteries seriously. They have their national lotteries that run throughout the year. Government set in place the regulations, laws and the monitoring and auditing bodies to make sure the system is free of any unfair play. The biggest boom in the lottery industry has been brought in the recent times with the modern platforms that make use of the internet technology. While still under debate as to whether it is legal or not, lottery platform providers are now doing their best to make lotteries in one country available to people across borders.

As the lottery industry realizes the importance of online marketing, the traffic on lottery websites is increasing with time. The traffic volume on various lottery websites has been mixed in the year 2016. If you look at the statistics of you see the traffic volume dipping as the year progresses. In fact, the traffic has been lowest in the past month. On the other hand, a pure lottery website namely has seen a 1.8% rise in its year on year traffic. Overall, most websites such as,, etc. have seen dips in the number of visits on their websites in the year 2016.

In just 2015, lottery ticket sales saw a rise compared to their sales in the previous year. In 2015 the US sales for lottery tickets crossed the $73 billion mark. In fact, the sales were pretty close to $74 billion. Sales of lottery tickets in the Great Britain were also higher than all previous years at more than 7,422 million GBP. Canada was not behind these amazing countries with 3.39 billion Canadian Dollar sales for lottery tickets in just Ontario, for the year of 2015. These statistics show a consistent rise in the sales of lottery tickets in the most developed nations of the world.

2011 has been the best year for the lottery industry when the worldwide sales of lottery tickets are brought under the light. The growth rate went down in 2013 but saw a rise again in 2014. It can be safely said that there have been ups and downs in the industry in the recent years. However, the overall trend has been positive with 2.2% growth rate in 2015 for the industry. It seems clear form the recent statistical charts that Latin America is going to be the most lucrative region for the lottery industry in the coming years. The other big region for the lottery industry is the Asia Pacific.

Grab The Opportunity

As more and more developers of lottery platforms come to the scene, the competition gets tough. However, the growth rate of the industry in Asia Pacific and Latin American regions is a great sign for entrepreneurs to take big steps towards the industry. What’s even more positive for the industry is the fact that developed countries are the most active lottery players. In the most developed countries of the world, almost every other adult individual has a lottery ticket. The percentage is expected to go above 50% in these countries in the coming times. In Spain during Christmas time the Spanish Christmas lottery takes place and over %90 of the Spanish population buy tickets.

According to the recent statistics, the lotto industry has returned $284 billion in one year – surpassing the yearly turnover of all the film industry participants of the world by 10 times. The best thing is that white label lottery platforms have provided an easy way for entrepreneurs to step into the competition without spending millions in creating a full setup of online lottery. If you are serious about running a lotto business, just pick your lotto platform and let it do the rest for you. You can be earning in millions with the right platform and a solid marketing strategy.

Raffles, Lotteries And Gambling

The biggest difference between gambling and lottery is control. Lottery is designed in a way that you have big control over your expense. On the other hand, there is no control on how you spend your money on gambling. With lottery, you buy a ticket, wait for the draw and buy another ticket for the next draw. The ticket is very inexpensive and there are not “competitors” to provoke you into buying too many tickets. With gambling, you are often put in a “frustrating” mindset where not winning can make you lose your control instantly. You could put your possessions like jewelry, property etc. on the line in gambling. You can’t do the same in lottery. Raffles are small lotteries conducted once by schools, and other similar institutes to help a cause.

Some online lottery websites such as actually keep a check on the participants to see that they are only buying enough tickets to not be called addicted. On their website ticket buyers can even opt in for a “Player Protection” and set a maximum spending limit on their account. Furthermore, with most online lottery websites there are always syndicate options for people who want to increase their chances of winning the lottery.

Final Words

The lottery industry has created great opportunities for businesses to grow. Not only can aspiring entrepreneurs use white label lottery platforms to start their own businesses but marketing firms can get great returns by helping new lottery websites market themselves online. The shift of the lottery industry to mobile devices, improvement in online security, nullification of fraud with the help of block-chain technology and the increasing number of lottery sales with time all point to a lucrative lotto industry in the coming times.

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