£191 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls Over Once More


On Friday, 15th July, the EuroMillions jackpot worth £191 million rolled over once again, which means that players get another chance on Tuesday, 19th July, to win the massive prize.

The big prize

If a single person claims the £191 million jackpot, it would become the biggest-ever win in the EuroMillions lottery in the UK. The successful lottery winner would be capable of purchasing the Southampton Football Club, 23 Pisces-VI Submarines and 11 Boeing 747 jets.

Since the jackpot has reached its cap, the money originally set aside for adding to it will now be used for boosting the winnings of the next prize tier. This means that there could be a number of multi-millionaires from the draw.

The National Lottery’s senior winners’ adviser, Andy Carter said that the Tuesday night draw of the EuroMillions would be a massive one, as the £191 million jackpot is still available. He said that they hoped to celebrate a record-breaking prize win in the UK and urged players to get their tickets early to get a chance to win.

Friday’s draw

The winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw on Friday night were 09, 17, 29, 38, 39 and 07 and 10 were the Lucky Star numbers. Even though the jackpot was not won, there were other prizes that were paid out in the draw.

The 14 biggest winners of the EuroMillions draw on Friday night across the countries were able to win about £1.5 million each. There were 14 more winners who were able to land a prize of £20,000 each. The Thunderball numbers for the night were 01, 08, 27, 31 and 34 and 03 was the Thunderball.

No one was able to match all the numbers to win the top prize of £500,000, but there were four people who got the five main numbers right to walk away with £5,000 each.

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