EuroMillions Prize Winner Still Drives Wife’s Second Hand Volvo


A man scooped up a EuroMillions prize worth a whopping £105 million has spent a staggering amount of money on purchasing luxury cars. He has bought vehicles worth £850,000 and yet, he still drives the second-hand Volvo that belongs to his wife.

The cars

The 43 year old Steve Thomson has an impressive driveway in his mansion worth £4.5 million, which boasts the supercars he has purchased with his lottery win. It looks a lot like the Top Gear set, as it comprises of a Lamborghini-type vehicle worth £200,000, a Tesla worth £100,000 and three Range Rovers worth £100,000.

As a matter of fact, the father of three has also used his massive jackpot to buy VW transporter vans worth £50,000. This means that he has plenty of options when he wants to go out for a drive. Yet, when he has to run his errands, the man still opts to drive around in the XC90 that belongs to his wife. A neighbor said that Steve had a car for each day of the week and was probably buying them for the children. Others said that it was good for him to spend money on himself, as he had given a lot of it away as well.

What he did after the win

After Steve won the life-changing amount in the EuroMillions lottery, he moved with his 42 year old wife Lenka into a 14.5 acre state a year later. The farmhouse has six bedrooms, along with a tennis court, pool, party barn, stables, a lake house and a 51ft dining room.

Even after winning his jackpot, Steve still finished all the building projects that were on his schedule and added that he intended on doing all the DIY on his own. He stated that his children finally had their own bedrooms and even though it was a simple thing, it was all they had wanted.

He added that he still had not come to terms with what had happened and was trying to process it. He said that it would take some time for them to adjust.

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