Is it Possible to Predict Future Lottery Winning Numbers?

Lottery Winning Numbers Prediction Services?

Many “lottery winning numbers prediction services” have sprouted up online in recent years. Some lottery winners that have won the lottery more than once, probably just out of pure luck, have even started their own websites where they sell books and give tutorials on “how to win the lottery”. The fact is that the lottery is nothing like the stock market, you can not predict winning numbers, the odds are just too big to be able to predict anything. In the stock markets or while trading CFDs people use algorithms or “forex signals” that can predict with a certain accuracy, what will happen in the markets, but in the lottery, for example the USA Powerball lottery, there is no such thing as prediction.

These Websites and Services / people – are all SCAMS Lotto Prediction is a SCAM Lotto Prediction is a SCAM

So Called Expert Mathematician Must Have Lost His Marbles
So Called Expert Mathematician Must Have Lost His Marbles Lotto Prediction System - Claims to Work With an MIT Professor - but is actually a SCAM Lotto Prediction System – Claims to Work With an MIT Professor – but is actually a SCAM - Predict Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis - LOL SCAM! – Predict Lotto Numbers With Hypnosis – LOL SCAM!

The Truth – The Odds and the Real Math

The fact is that your chances at winning the lottery if you buy one single USA Powerball ticket, are about 1 in 292 million. There is no type of algorithm or computer program that can accurately predict the winning numbers with this kind of odds, the numbers are picked at random each time and it is extremely unlike the stock markets or foreign exchange markets and there is no way to predict the outcome.

You have to be aware of the fact that there may be online scammers and swindlers that are just waiting for you to arrive on their “lottery winning numbers prediction” websites, to try to sell you their “winning system”. You really should know that most of these are scams as there is no proven system to predict winning numbers, just ask any mathematician or computer programmer that is an expert in algorithms and they will say it is impossible.

Syndicates do Work – it is Proven

The only proven system or formula that can increase you chances of winning does not work on numbers prediction, it works on playing with a group or syndicate and is called “online lottery syndicates“, just think about it, if you join a group that is playing with 500 tickets you have a better chance of winning a prize, maybe not the jackpot, but maybe a few thousand dollars, which is well worth it for the investment of just a few dollars to join the group. many lottery jackpot winnings are won each week by syndicates, just look it up or read our post about “Big Lottery Jackpots and Prizes That Were Won by Lottery Syndicates / Groups“!

If someone really had a system or formula that worked on winning number prediction, and it actually worked, they would never tell anyone about it, they would play the lottery and win it by themselves every time and become richer than Bill Gates. Why would they try to sell it online for $29.99 per month when they could be making $40,000,000 a week if it really worked?

In Conclusion

Unlike the stock markets and foreign exchange markets, there is no way to predict winning numbers in lottery. Stay away from websites and services that “promise” you that if you pay them money they will show you how to “win the lottery” with number prediction formulas or systems because those kinds of systems are just scams and can never work. If you do want to get better chances of winning a prize, join an online syndicate – which is a proven system and formula of increasing your chances to win!


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