USA Powerball Lottery App: Lottery Results Right in Your Palm

There are many applications available for various different smartphone devices that have an application store to search, download and install applications. These applications can be installed and used on either the phone or tablet. With the many types of popular smartphones such as IPhones, Android and Windows phones, there are internal applications built in such as ITunes for IOS, Play Store for Android and Windows store.

There are many applications for Powerball lottery to be installed on devices and can be much easier to do and enables the user to use the app at any time, whenever they are.


Mega Millions Powerball Lotto

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This application allows you to take part in the two most popular lottery jackpot games in the US. These include Mega Millions and Powerball. With this application you’re able to view the latest jackpot information and additionally, drawing results. You can also access state lottery games by downloading the free app, Lotto Results.

With this application you can view Jackpot information and also the current winning numbers to keep track of daily information and draws. Users can also view pay out and prize levels with additional information on the game. There is also a feature that enables the users to save draws and build a history, along with a searching capability.

Users can also save numbers to favorites, subscription, multi draw and quick pick (numbers can be quick picked and generated), ticket number and you can calculate winnings. With the new latest addition of this app as well, there is now active notifications and home screen widgets that can be displayed.

IOS (ITunes)


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This application allows you to enter into Powerball National Lotteries through the official app of Mega Millions. With many opportunities and advantages you’re doubling your chances of winning.

Users are able to track regular mega millions, Powerball and state lottery results in a way that is easy and quick.  With the app users are also able to enter their Mega Millions and Powerball tickets into the app to be tracked and have a clear display of the winning numbers and a notification of the winner.

Along with this is Jackpot information clear and easily accessible, with just a few clicks you’re able to view the information.

Users can also catch up on missing lottery drawings and previous winning results to stay in tune with lotteries.

Microsoft Windows (Smartphone)

Lottery Box – US Powerball

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This application for windows tablets and phones will allow you to manage and monitor your Powerball progress and combinations, along with also helping the user generate randomized combinations that can be saved automatically into their history for future viewing or for reference.

The combinations made that also be saved to your history and also to the favorites section provided that is clear and easy to access. Combinations can also be saved in the bet bucket data for viewing. The history feature enables users to manage their lottery progress and  keep track of lucky numbers and combinations.

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