29 Employees of Alstom Wins Powerball Prize of $1 Million

In 1998 29 employees of Alstom buying the New York Lottery as a single entity through Janet Dusinbarre, in May they bought the Powerball Jackpot to see if they would be lucky. Upon checking their ticket numbers they were luck indeed and she was stunned, as she thought her were fooling her.

She double and triple checked the numbers as they were shown on the news. She was confused and didn’t know what to do; she eventually called a co-worker good friend, Penni Harrington and told her the great news.

She told Harrington that she thing that the group had won. Penni asked her how much money and she told her $1.

Each person will receive approximately $23,000 to spend, the winning after taxes will be $661,180 split among the 29 employees.

Leroy Teator reported that he’d do renovations to his house and other things that he couldn’t do. “It sure feels good,” he said.

Penni will complete payments on her Camaro, help her mom, dad and daughter and of course go on a holiday.

The locals are encouraged by this win and are now playing the lottery.

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