Amidst a pile of old lottery tickets a $1 million Powerball winner is found by a man in Myrtle Beach

Last week a man went to Carolina Forest Scotchman located at 3225 Postal Way, and claimed $1 million. He is from the Carolina Forest Area of Myrtle Beach. The winning ticket sat in the pile for over a month. The ticket was played on June 6 reported the South Carolina Education Lottery representatives.

The man did not know he had won, the radio announced an unclaimed million prize. He went through his pile of tickets when he searched prior winnings on his computer and realized he was a millionaire.

The man reported that he’s only won $12 before although he’s been playing since the inception of the lottery in South Carolina. This time however he sat in disbelief as he stared at his winning ticket.

His was ecstatic when she found out he had won. They can possible purchase a new home and rest easy for retirement with this win.

If he had spent another $1 we would have been twice as rich if the Powerball numbers matched.

The Powerball number: 15, and luck numbers: 43, 27, 18, 13, 8.

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