A Lucky Woman from Ormiston wins AUD$100,000 from “The Lott”


The Lott is back with news of another player winning it big from one of its games. This time, the lucky winner is a woman from Ormiston who had luck and fortune knocking on her door. The life of the woman from Ormiston changed when she got to know that she has wonAUD$100,000.

When the woman came to claim the prize at The Lott’s head office, she told the lottery officials all about her story and how she came to realize about the win.

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The player stated that this was the last time that she has ignored a call from an unknown number. It could have been the biggest loss of her life if she had not been quick enough to have checked things on her own.

The player has managed to hit the jackpot prize of AUD$100,000 from the “Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot” by getting the 1st prize. The Lott has informed that it was the draw number 10434 for the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot. The draw in which the ticket managed to win the AUD$100,000 jackpot prize was held on January 4, 2021.

The winner of the lottery prize win was extremely excited and filled with joy when she visited the lottery office to claim her prize. She was really surprised and shocked to know that she had managed to win a jackpot prize.

The player informed that she plays lottery games through “The Lott” every now and then. Although it is the first time she has won a jackpot prize but not the first time her winning a prize through lotteries. She informed the lottery officials that she is used to receiving her winnings automatically into her “The Lott” account.

For this particular win, she was completely unaware of what the lottery operators tend to do. She stated that on the morning of January 5, 2021, she checked her phone and saw there were many missed calls. But she did not bother to call back because she does not respond to unknown numbers.

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The winner informed that she got a hint of her winning something when she received an email informing her of the win. That is when she called the lottery operators and shared her excitement of the win.

The winner revealed that she and her husband both lost their jobs during the pandemic and things have not been easy for them since then. So the jackpot prize win has come just at the right time as they will be able to live happily with the prize money until they find jobs.

She also stated that they also plan on sharing some money with their families as they have been through a lot as well.

The player informed that she purchases all her lottery tickets online through thelott.com.

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