It was fate that allowed a son and his parents to win $17.3 m in Lotto 6/49

A couple along with their adult son from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada said fate was responsible for them winning.

The Fritsmas: Elizabeth, Gerald and Dean won the Lotto 6/49 draw on July 17th.

Mrs. Fritsma commented that this must be remuneration for them as they have been so helpful to countless friends and family members in the past.

Gerald Fritsma had a visualization of the winning numbers his wife said and they purchased the ticket from Mountainview Grocery, Grande Prairie.

The numbers were haphazard visualization from his mind’s eye that they played.

“Nothing crazy or dramatic changes but certainly a couple things will be done”, Mrs. Fritsma reported.

They’ve lived a quite life and it will continue as such.

Gerald saw Elizabeth coming to the store and hoped that something had not gone wrong, but it was actually good news!

The couple is retired and will decide within a year what to do with the winnings while remaining grounded.

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