The Store Owner and Co-worker Hits the Jackpot With Lotto 6/49

The second $1million lottery winner hails from Cumberland County.

Co-workers Diana Miller and Peter Mc Cathie from Amherst Shore and Amherst respectively buy a Combo 4, Lotto 6/49 ticket weekly. The July 15th ticket they bought gave them a $1million.

Diana is the baker, Peter is the owner of the store where both of them work and where the ticket was bought. They used the retailer play button to indicate that it was bought by a lottery employee or retailer.

She reacted to their winning by saying that this year she might not ask her boss for a raise.

He remarked that his win will cover outstanding debts and it will afford him time to do some cooking and fishing which he loves greatly when he takes a couple days off from work.

Also his anniversary in the coming year will mark 30 years therefore another honeymoon to Ecuador is on the radar.

For Diana however, she knows that when it begins to get cold she will be off to Cancun for a vacation. She has no other immediate plans, but she adores her job and will carry on working.

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