Lottery ticket bought in Midale, Saskatchewan wins $2 million

Andrew Mok from Saskatchewan is $2 million dollars richer for the month of July, this as a result of advice he received.

His wife told him he would have good fortune in 2015, predicting from his horoscope and so he buys Western 6-49 two times weekly. He was born in the year of the rabbit.

When he saw all the 0’s on his winning draw ticket he was all smiles. He purchased the ticket from Midale Qwik Shop on 105 Stephan Street.

At first he thought he had won $200, for him that was good, until the retailer checked his ticket and told him it was more, $200,000 he thought but no! You’ve won $2 million he was told.

Mok who resides in Midale will refurbish his restaurant, visit China on vacation and pay some loans he has outstanding.

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