Lucky penny found by bus driver makes him a lotto winner shortly afterwards

Being superstitious afforded one bus driver a very big pay off; after finding a lucky penny he won the lottery.

Sean Lloyd will never have to work again at age 49 as a bus driver because of a lucky penny he found and then purchased a euro jackpot ticket and walked away with 1.8 million, approximately US $2.5 million.

He saw a shinny penny outside a shop and picked it up just before he bought his lottery ticket and then he rub the penny over his ticket. Later he realized that he had won the lottery.

Without another moment passing, he left his job. He then called a coworker and asked him if he would cover his shifts for him forever!

Sean purchased his dream house near Manchester in Ashton, UK, he resides there with his wife and kids.

He keeps is lucky penny safe in his wallet, he rubs it over other tickets that he buys and reports that it has not lost its charm because he has had other smaller wins.

He has thought of friends and family and decided to pay it forward in an effort to bring them good luck too and constructed a wishing well at his home.

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