Brisbane Man Wins 1/3 Share of $60M Oz Lotto Lottery

An anonymous young man from Brisbane will get $20 million; his share of the win from the national $60 million Oz Lotto draw. The single man shares it with two other winners, and has plans to spend his time traveling while also helping his friends and family out. The man said he’s worked hard in school and work but has never had enough money to travel.

He said that has has always had a huge bucket list of places he wants to go such as Alaska, North America and Canada. This man, who’s got very powerful work and family values, said he wants to make sure his loved ones were taken care of. He said his brothers and sisters are going to be extremely jealous.

The lucky numbers were 6, 32, 42, 3, 25, 7, 29, 22 and 2. One ticket was sold in Western Australia, which seems to have a constant run of luck with the Lotto in the last few weeks. The winner joins two other lucky winners who won $10 million and $50 million earlier in the month and last month. However, these two millionaires won their fortune with the Powerball, not the Oz Lotto.

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