Man Wins $500,000 in (USA) Virginia Lottery Without a Winning Ticket!

Winner of Virginia Lottery ticket, Suffolk resident Greg Jarrett’s $500,000 prize money wasn’t actually won using a winning ticket. We’ll explain.

Jarrett entered a scratched non-winning ticket in the Extra Chances Promotion that has the Extra Chances logo. Jarrett says he enters them faithfully, while also telling his uncle to save them if he’s got them.

The dedication to his careful ticket entries was rewarded in 5th of October Extra Chances drawing where he won the top prize money of $500,000. After his win, he says he’s likely to buy a car, or invest in getting a new house, admitting that “it feels excellent”.

There were over 4.8 million entries from which his ticket was drawn. But there were other winners, though. Instant-win cash prize opportunities – hundreds, ranging from $25 to $100 – are made available to players every day by WitheXTRA Chances.

Any of the great cash prizes could be won if one takes the chance by entering the Extra Chances logo holding non-winning scratchcard ticket.

Jan. 4 is the next time a $500,000 grand prize is up for the taking in a grand prize draw. Any eXTRA Chances non-winning ticket holding a logo from a Virginia Lottery Scratcher can be entered.
Dec. 31, 2016, was the entry deadline.

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