Lottery Hopefuls Became Furious as UK National Lottery Site Crashed Due to Huge Traffic of People all Trying for a Last Minute Ticket for the Jackpot of £136 Million

Many Enraged punters who unfortunately missed out on the chance of being among the biggest of UK lottery winners went on twitter. The crashing of the website made a lot of gamblers who had hopes of winning from the UK National Lottery jackpot of £136million extremely angry.

Many of the hopefuls had Camelot tagged a mess after lots of punters were unable to get a draw ticket at the last minute due to the crashing of the National lottery site. As the deadline for obtaining a draw ticket approaches, furious customers went on twitter to express their disappointment.


A twitter user with handle @rachel_16 tweeted: “Can everyone kindly get off the National Lottery site so I can buy my winning ticket please?” Another twitter handle named Longhurst wrote; “if my numbers are drawn @NationalLottery, then you and your web team are in big troubles”.

In addition, Jeremy Woodrow tweeted; “National Lottery site is a shambles #noeuromillions”. Responding to the several messages from angry lottery hopefuls, National Lottery tweeted; “It is currently peak time for Ticket purchasing therefore our website will be a little slower than normal”.

Should the 136million jackpot is won by just one single ticket drawer in the country, this amount will make the winner the 3rd biggest lottery champ ever in UK. According to Sunday Times Rich list, a single ticketholder with all 5 main numbers and the 2 Lucky Star numbers will make Britain’s combined 752nd richest person. However, there was no winner for the huge jackpot and hence, will be transferred to Tuesday’s draw.

Uk National Lottery
Uk National Lottery

The July 2011 Euromillions jackpot of almost £162 million won by Chris Weir and Brits Colin of Largs, North Ayrshire has been the biggest of lottery won in Europe. Followed by the 2012 £148.6million taken by Gillian and Adrian Bayford of Haverhill, Suffolk. Also, £113,000 was won in October 2010 by an anonymous lottery drawer. The National Lottery’s senior winners’ adviser; Andy Carter said:” It is looking like it will be another record-breaking year for Euromillions and I can’t wait to meet another giant UK winner. “Needless to say the Champagne is one ice and giant cheque at the ready to celebrate an extraordinary win”.

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