USA – (Stephanie Anastasio and Brandon Lane) Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $30K Traded at A Business in North Haven

Co-workers, Stephanie Anastasio and Brandon Lane always endeavored to “pay it forward” each time they could. Whether it was assisting a friend or helping a complete stranger, the duo was very surprised to see their selfless deeds pay off with a lottery prize of $30,000.

The pair from East Haven, on their way home stopped at a gas station and Lane bought a “30 Grand” ticket. After a couple of hours, he passed it over to Anastasio to play.

“I bought the ticket, and she scratched it,” Lane who was smiling, informed the lottery officials “I kept on telling her to play it, that it could be worth $30,000.”

“She just yelled and started to nudge yelling me. And I said, ‘No way! It couldn’t just be possible.” “We were just discussing about payments that had to be made!”

The co-workers plan on saving their winnings by putting it in a trust. As they received their check, both their faces lit up with joy, and they told the lottery officials that it was still feeling unreal.

The Eagle Mini Mart II Inc. which is located in North Haven, and which sold the duo the ticket, will collect a bonus check of $300.

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