Mega Millions Jackpot is Now at Close to $84 Million Still No Winner

Mega Millions is an amazing lottery game, but in the end it’s still a lottery, so people win and lose. For more than a month now, it seems that people just have a hard time winning at this particular game, because no one has managed to hit the jackpot for the Ohio Lottery’s main game.

The winning numbers for this great lottery were 12, 23, 33, 47 and 50 with the Mega Ball of 3, but unfortunately it seems that no player was lucky enough in order to get all of these numbers.

There is a great thing in all of this however, and it comes from the fact that the jackpot now goes higher and higher! The jackpot is now no less than $84 million, so there is indeed a lot to be had here, if the players manage to get the numbers for the Mega Millions draw this weekend, hopefully this will happen!

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