$315 Million Powerball Winner From New Jersey!

A lucky lotto player from New Jersey USA is the winner of a huge jackpot worth $315 million. If the winner chooses to take the one time payment prize then it is worth $183.2 million if the winner takes the lump sum. The winner can also get an installment of payments worth the whole $315 million throughout 30 years.

If the jackpot were won by a syndicate it could bring up some issues though. When playing with a syndicate the syndicate must have a signed agreement form. When we are talking about so much money it is best to have a signed agreement ahead of time with the syndicate and it’s leader. Also when a syndicate wins. it is much harder to try to stay anonymous as so many people and families will already know about the win and word will spread like wildfire.

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10 Biggest USA Powerball Jackpots To Date

AmountDate wonWhere winning tickets were purchased
$1.586 BillionJan. 13, 2016California, Florida, Tennessee
$758.7 MillionAug. 23, 2017Massachusetts
$590.5 MillionMay 18, 2013Florida
$587.5 MillionNov. 28, 201Arizona, Missouri
$564.1 MillionFeb. 11, 2015North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Texas
$559.7 MillionJan. 6, 2018New Hampshire
$487.0 MillionJuly 30, 2016New Hampshire
$456.7 MillionMarch 17, 2018Pennsylvania
$448.4 MillionAug. 7, 2013Minnesota, New Jersey, New Jersey
$447.8 MillionJune 10, 2017California

When a lotto winner that has won a large some worth millions or hundreds of millions lets a lot of people know about their good fortune, then automatically they are approached by all of those people, friends, family and even strangers that are looking for a handout.

The winner who won the latest $315 million jackpot prize, won the prize with a single ticket and was not part of a syndicate or group. This means that the winner can get the winnings easily and in one check if they want, in lump sum, and will not have to deal with other people and with splitting the winnings with others. The winner is from New Jersey, USA and the ticket was sold at “Hackensack grocery store”.

“Hackensack grocery store” recieved a $30,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.The winning numbers from the draw are: 3-6-9-17-56 and Powerball 25 with a multiplier X 3. The jackpot rolled over 16 times before being won.

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