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Most lottery and jackpot users know about Powerball as being a large cash game, where on Wednesday and Saturday there is a withdrawal of five lucky balls that can bring you the jackpot. But how much do people know about this lucky way of earning money? How many of you know that with the Power Play option you can actually multiply your prize, only for $1 extra?

243 million Powerball Jackpot Prize Up For Grabs

About PowerBall

Powerball is a shared jackpot game, sold by 45 lotteries and coordinated by a non-profit organization, formed by various U.S. lotteries. Since 2012, Powerball’s minimum jackpot is of $40,000,000 with a potential of nine prizes. The annuity is paid in 30 installments, but players can also choose cash instead. The highest jackpot registered in Powerball was of $590,500,000 in May 2013, won by a ticket in Florida.

Powerball is both a large jackpot game, as well as a lucky cash game. The game consists in drawing out five white balls out of a total of 69 and one red ball out of 26. The most cut off sales are registered within at least 59 minutes before the game. As a player, you can win by matching one of nine ways that you can win. Matching all five white and the red ball can get you a prize in 30 payments. The Powerball tickets cost $2 and give you the chance twice a week to play up to five lucky panels to win the jackpot. If you input less or more than five numbers, your ticket will be rejected.

The machine picks five white balls and one red ball in an irrelevant order, since all tickets show the numbers in ascending order. The red Powerball cannot be matched to a white number or vice versa. The one who has at least three matching white balls and/or the red ball is considered to be a winner.

Power Play

If you also want to go for the Power Play, it adds only $1 each play, where you can have your earnings multiplied with 2,3,4 or 5. For instance, if you have four lucky matching white numbers and the Power Play number is 3, then your earnings are multiplied by 3. If you go with the Power Play option and you win Match 5, then regardless of the Power Play number selected you earn $2,000,000. Keep in mind that the Power Play number is selected randomly before the Powerball game and it doesn’t appear on your ticket.

Receiving the prize

The winners can choose to either receive their payment within two payments (one from the local jurisdiction and the remaining from the other lottery members), or to receive an annual amount within 30 yearly installments (with an additional 4% for the inflation). The amount declared to be received as a prize represents the total amount that the lucky player will receive if he agrees to the yearly installment, since the cash or annuity can be chosen only by those who win the jackpot. The legal age to play in the Powerball is 18 in most states, 19 in Nebraska and 21 in Iowa, Arizona and Louisiana.

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