After Rollover USA Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Now at $449 Million

If you are one of the overseas Mega Millions lottery enthusiasts who buys Mega Millions tickets online whenever there is a huge jackpot then you will be thrilled to hear that the jackpot has rolled over once again bringing the jackpot size to a whopping $449 million, that is almost half a billion US dollars! Remember that buying your tickets online and winning the jackpot is totally possible (read more here) and if you would like to take part in this huge Mega Millions jackpot or future games, you are at the right website to do so!

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$449 million usa mega millions jackpot
Play Mega Millions Online
Play Mega Millions Online

Better Odds Of Winning, How To Play and Win the Lottery

Joining an online Mega Millions Syndicate will better your chances of winning the $449 million jackpot this week. Also if you play online and buy tickets for the huge Mega Millions jackpot that is now up for grabs, with an online ticket provider such as TheLotter, you can get free bonus tickets! One of the best lottery secrets is that buying online lottery syndicate tickets have been proven to improve your chances of winning by up to %10,000 better odds.

Where To Buy Tickets Online

Video From Last Draw on July 1st, $415 Million (Rollover)

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