How Much Does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost When Purchasing From an Online Lottery Ticket Provider

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On the face of it Mega Millions tickets costs only $2-$3 per ticket when buying from online ticket providers such as LottoBooker for example. On the websites that allow MegaPlier option (such as TheLotter) you need to pay an additional $2-$3 for each MegaPlier play.

For $2-$3 Mega Millions ticket you can pick six numbers from two pools of numbers. Pick your favorite five numbers from 1 to 75, which is for the White Balls and one number from 1 to 15 of the second pool which is Mega Ball. For the White Ball you got to select numbers 1 to 75 from the top part of the playboard or mark “Quick Pick” to enable the terminal to select your numbers for you if you want.

Your $2-$3 will also let you select a single number from the lower end of the playboard that is colored yellow for Mega Ball. Here too you have the option to allow the terminal to select your single number by marking “Quick Pick”.

There are many online lottery ticket providers that allow you to buy the $2-$3 Mega Millions ticket for one play. In some of these websites you can add another $2-$3 and go in for the MegaPlier option. The MegaPlier option is a non-jackpot prize but any money you win gets multiplied by the number that was drawn on MegaPlier. If you win one million dollars and the drawing number is 5 then you could actually win 5 million dollars.

So a Mega Million ticket online is normally $2-$3 but if you were to opt for MegaPlier $4-$6 per play. Mega Million allows you to win the jackpot but MegaPlier gets you only the second tier prizes and not the jackpot. Besides the jackpot there are of course other minor prizes ranging from a dollar prize to a million dollars which you could get depending how well your numbers matched.

MegaPlier is optional. You don’t have to buy it along with your Mega Millions ticket. If you wish to opt for MegaPlier then mark the “MegaPlier” box for all playboards on the ticket buying page. MegaPlier is also selected from a 15 number pool and the frequency is: six 5s, three 4s, four 3s and two 2s.

If you wish to play more than one drawing then you can opt for the ‘multi-draw’ by marking the box with that option. With this option you can play numbers on playboards that are marked “A” to “E”. You can select multiple drawings and multiple tickets (or “lines) but each extra line or drawing will cost you $2-$3 more meaning if you buy 5 tickets (or 5 “lines”) per draw, for 5 consecituve draws, you are purchasing a total of 25 tickets, which will come out to $50-$75, depending on the website you are buying tickets online from . If you also opt for MegaPlier then it will come out to $100-$150 for the same 25 tickets.

Many online lottery ticket providers also have “group play” options or “bundles”. Read more about group play options here. Bundles (like a subscription) will get you a discount when you buy multiple tickets or tickets for multiple draws online, IceLotto for example has a “Jackpot Hunter” bundle where you: “Never miss a BIG Jackpot! With the ‘Jackpot Hunter’ you will always play the biggest Jackpot at any given time with at least 100 tickets!” for only €12.01 for 2 consecutive draws, it is actually a specialized “group play” bundle.

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