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Winning a lottery is not really very tough, if you know the rules of the game. In order to play Powerball USA lottery, you have to know a little bit of the game. An improperly-filled lottery ticket has no chances of winning. You have to place a minimum bet of $2. The game has two sets of balls; white balls and red balls. There are about 69 white balls and 26 red balls. The players have to pick at least 5 numbers from the white balls. It can either be a random selection or the numbers can be selected through the option of ‘quick pick’.

There will be two separate selection machines, and the winning numbers need to be selected by these machines. A winner will be only decided when the players can match a minimum of three balls, all of which will be white. The winner can also be selected if he or she is capable of matching a Powerball. There can be various combinations which can increase the chance of winning for a player.

In case of a Power Play which is common in these kinds of games; this additional option can be bought by paying $1. But many are of the opinion that with a Power Play, the option of hitting the jackpot becomes less. Often hitting the multiplier could not even raise the probability of winning the jackpot. However there have been small changes in the rules of the game, and things are now mostly dependent on a multiplier. In case there is a jackpot winner, the winnings can be either paid in cash or annuity. In the first instance, the amount is paid in two instalments. For the second option, it is paid over a period of 30 years.

Know about the rules of the Powerball USA, before you start playing. Knowing the rules actually increases your chance of winning the game.

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